Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Are You A Human?

Does CAPTCHA drive you bonkers? As in raving, #@$% WhiTHerstoNE and &*#@ DamNAtion mad.

Make your website tastier for users while keeping spam on the lamb. Check out the technology and contest winners, including yours truly, here:

Are You A Human "PlayThru" Contest Winners

Honorable Mention

I'm big on Linkedin. Indeed, they've told me so just this past week.

Seems I have one of the top 5% most viewed profiles for 2012. That's a wider cohort than the 1% of Occupy fame and the 3% of Mitt Romney's productive few. But I'm one in a million, eh?

I am big on Linkedin for helping me to stay in touch with many colleagues across the world: what they're doing, what they're thinking and for the opportunities that are presented in career development. 
As a job seeker, ready to transition from consultant to full-time, I can only hope this fine honor will elevate my prospects, right!?!

Best wishes Linkedin on the first 200 million. Keep the relevance strong — and keep it focused. Take care not to fall into the Facebook muddle, and risk the dismissive "un-cool" opprobrium of my young nephew and his peers: Facebook sucks. It doesn't suck, but it not so great either with disregard for users on the rise. Monetization is OK; abuse of data and privacy is not so clever. Linkedin seems to have found a virile path to quality revenue and subscriber loyalty.

Cheers, friends!